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Common Reasons Hunting Accidents Occur

Hunting is a popular sport in New York. With its plentiful woods and presence of game such as deer and wild turkeys, New York is an ideal spot for sportsmen. Most hunters take extreme care which makes hunting safe, more often than not. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. People let down their guard and tragic injuries can result. If you have been injured in a hunting accident, your injuries may be severe and require serious and ongoing medical treatment. Contact attorney Michael LoGiudice to discuss recovering full and fair compensation for the damages you have incurred due to a hunting accident.

What Are the Most Common Reasons Hunting Accidents Occur?

When a hunting accident occurs, it is usually because a hunter has failed to observe critical safety measures, including:

    Proceeding under the assumption that all guns are loaded;
    Keeping the barrel of a weapon free from obstructions;
    Never pointing a weapon, loaded or unloaded at something you do not intend to shoot;
    Never putting your finger on the trigger until your weapon is aimed at its target; and
    Avoiding alcoholic beverages while hunting.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is tasked with investigating the causes of hunting accidents and injuries. They are also empowered to impose fines and other penalties on a hunter whose violation of hunting safety regulations has led to the injury or killing of another. The hunter who caused the accident may also face criminal charges filed by local district attorneys.

Who Pays for A Hunting Accident Injury?

Most often, the homeowner’s insurance policy of the hunter will pay for the costs associated with a hunting accident injury. This includes:

    Cost of medical treatment
    Loss of income
    Pain and suffering
    Wrongful death damages

Some hunters carry additional hunting accident insurance through hunting clubs and other hunting organizations.

In order to file a successful claim, you will need to get copies of any accident reports pertaining to the hunting accident. You will also need to keep records of out of pocket expenses associated with your accident injuries and your medical treatment.

Helping You Recover for Your Hunting Accident Injuries.

Firearm accidents are serious. Guns can cause severe, if not fatal, damage. Beyond the physical injury, there is also the emotional impact that being the victim of a gun accident can cause. This is something that you may carry with you the rest of your life. Talk to New York gun accident attorney Michael LoGiudice about your options for recovering monetary compensation for your injuries.

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