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What Type of Construction Site Maintenance Measures Should Be in Place?

By Michael LoGiudice
Founding Attorney

Constructions sites are dangerous even when all safety regulations are followed. Heavy equipment, powerful machinery, dangerous materials, and more all make the possibility of serious injury very real. When safety regulations are not followed and things such as proper construction site maintenance measures are not taken, the chances for people getting injured increases even more. If you have been hurt on a construction site, New York injury attorney Michael LoGiudice is here to help you recover monetary compensation.

What Type of Construction Site Maintenance Measures Should Be in Place to Help Prevent Worker Injury?

One of the most common reasons for construction site accidents occurring is poor construction site maintenance. Most of these accidents are the result of:

    Improperly maintained tools and machinery
    Disorganized tools and building materials
    Improperly connected extension cords and electrical lines
    Obstructed building entries and exits
    Laying wood planks over unstable surfaces
    Improperly built or maintained trenches
    Defective scaffolding and ladders
    Improperly maintained safety gear

New York City and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) both have put laws and regulations in place to help ensure that proper construction site maintenance measures are adhered to in order to work to prevent injury and promote a safe work environment. Construction site management such as project owners, builders, developers, contractors, and subcontractors are generally tasked with ensuring that construction site maintenance is regularly and properly conducted. Some construction site maintenance measures that should be adhered to include:

    Regular inspection for potentially unsafe conditions. This includes making sure all equipment and machinery is properly maintained. It also includes verifying that workers have access to necessary and well-maintained safety equipment. Pipes should also be inspected for any leaks as pooling of water and slippery surfaces can easily lead to worker injury. If an unsafe condition is found, it should be remedied as soon as possible. To help ensure that inspections regularly occur, it is best to establish a strict inspection schedule.
    Regular checks for code compliance. Electrical and heavy equipment on a construction site should always be up to safety code. Scaffolding safety codes and maintenance standards should also be complied with.
    Ensuring proper markings for electrical and gas lines. When electric lines are improperly marked, electrocutions can happen. When gas lines are improperly marked, explosions and fires can break out. Properly marking and continually checking that these lines are properly marked is an integral part of saving the lives of construction workers and preventing serious injury from occurring.

Fighting for Injured Construction Workers

As a construction worker, you are probably aware more than most of the potential dangers of your job. There are steps that should be taken to help minimize these dangers. When safety measures are not adhered to and constructions sites are improperly maintained, workers are needlessly injured. The injuries can be severe and have lasting consequences. Contact New York construction site injury attorney Michael LoGiudice about possible avenues of recovering full and fair monetary compensation for your injuries.

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