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Aggressive Lawyers for the Seriously Injured


Suffolk County

$4,989,900.00 Update (May 2019): After a very long battle, three appeals to the Second Department and two of the three going all the way to the Court of Appeals, I am happy to announce that last month we were able to come one step closer to finalizing this matter. In a very involved settlement agreement, the case settled for an additional $4,989,900.00.

$6,500,000 settlement for a roofer that fell 20 feet off a commercial building. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and permanent loss of vision in both eyes. New York Labor Law case; Sections 200, 240(1) and 241(6). Settled with one carrier for $6,000,000.00 and property owner $500,000.00 pre-trial. The case is still pending with the third defendant.

Westchester County

$3,000,000.00 settlement for Minority Shareholder Oppression, Wrongful Termination and Common Law Dissolution claims (§ 1104-a of the Business Corporation Law). Case settled during discovery.

$75,000.00 settlement for a hit and run (the driver was never identified). Another firm had the case for almost a year. Client had orthoscopic surgery to knee. Once we took over the case it settled within months during SUM/UM arbitration.

Dutchess County

$525,000.00 Client’s vehicle was struck by a municipality plow truck and his primary injury was a fractured leg requiring surgical repair. Because the plow truck was deemed to be protected by NYS VAT § 1103 and NYS VAT § 1104; The Reckless Disregard standard of negligence applied. Even with the higher standard of negligence we were able to settle the case just prior to jury selection

Putnam County

$300,000.00 settlement for deck collapse case. Client had prior knee injuries without surgery. After the collapse, he had two orthoscopic surgeries. Case settled during discovery.

$100,000.00 SUM/UM policy limits settlement for our client that was walking on Haviland Hollow Road in Patterson, NY when she was struck by a pick-up truck that left the scene (hit and run). Surgery to her right arm. The matter was settled within 3 months without any litigation.

$100,000.00 policy limits settlement for our client that was walking in Manhattan when she was struck by an out of state driver that attempted to leave the scene (hit and run). Fortunately, we obtained a license plate number. Knee surgery. Case settled within 5 months without litigation.

$90,000.00 settlement ($25,000.00 from defendant’s policy and $65,000.00 from our client’s SUM/UM policy. Our client was injured when a car hit him head on Route 311 near Route 22 in the Town of Southeast. Shoulder surgery. Case settled within 6 months just after AAA Arbitration was filed.

Ulster County

$165,000.00 settlement from a $200,000.00 policy. Our client was walking across a neighbor’s lawn that was recently plowed and covered with snow and ice. Despite the obvious liability issues we were able to secure him a $165,000.00 settlement within three months of retaining our office. Surgery to ankle. No litigation required.

Monroe County

$100,000.00 for a Rochester man that had a fence fall on him during a storm. Initially, the claim was denied, but after a short battle, we prevailed. Surgery to Shoulder.

Nassau County

$65,000.00 Schuyler County man was involved in a head-on collision and suffered a torn rotator cuff which required surgical repair. Settled during discovery prior to depositions.