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Dutchess County Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice

When patients undergo medical procedures, they assume their doctor will use reasonable care and treat them competently and effectively. Unfortunately, medical malpractice in Dutchess County is far more common than many people realize. Serious medical mistakes can cause devastating harm to patients and even untimely deaths.

If you or your loved one have suffered harm due to medical malpractice in Dutchess County, you may be entitled to compensation through an insurance claim or lawsuit. Attorney Michael LoGiudice, LLP has decades of experience pursuing and recovering compensation for victims of medical malpractice in Dutchess County. He’s prepared to help you understand your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. 

Common Types of Medical Malpractice in Dutchess County

Medical errors are a leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer. Every year, approximately 250,000 patients die because of a serious error made by a medical professional. The number of patients who die because of medical malpractice could be as high as 440,000 people a year. 

The amount of patients who suffer life-altering, catastrophic injuries is significantly higher. Many types of medical errors can cause patients to become injured. Medical errors range from healthcare professionals failing to act competently when treating patients to healthcare professionals who actively harm patients while treating them.  

Gynecological or Obstetric Injuries

Many people take it for granted that the birth process will be safe for the baby and mother. Sadly, many different things can go wrong that can leave the newborn with serious developmental challenges or put the lives of the mother and baby at risk. Birth injuries aren’t always the fault of the attending doctors. However, doctors can be held liable for injuries to the baby and mother caused by their negligence. Some of the most common birth-related medical malpractice claims include the following:

  • The gestational diabetes of the mother was monitored improperly and caused complications
  • Failure to administer a cesarean section quickly or safely
  • Labor delivery injuries, including shoulder dislocation and nerve injuries
  • Placental previa or placental abruption
  • Cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy
  • Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)
  • Prematurity due to medical malpractice
  • Maternal death

Delayed Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis

Providing patients with an accurate, timely diagnosis is one of the most important aspects of treating patients. When doctors fail to provide patients with a prompt diagnosis, the patient can miss the opportunity to receive treatment. The time a patient loses because of an incorrect diagnosis can have a negative health outcome for them or even lead to premature death. 

Doctors are responsible for listening and taking note of the patient’s medical history. They should also make sure the patient receives the necessary diagnostic tests. Failure to do so could lead to the patient’s illness, such as cancer, progressing more rapidly. Similarly, when patients are misdiagnosed with a medical condition they don’t have, the medication or treatment they receive could harm them and cause additional medical problems. Their condition could also worsen due to a lack of correct treatment.

Failure to Provide Appropriate Medical Treatment

Every year, patients die because doctors fail to provide them with adequate medical care. Patients may show up to the ER with stroke symptoms or heart attack symptoms. When doctors overlook these symptoms and send the patients home, they may suffer a fatal stroke or heart attack that they wouldn’t have suffered had they received adequate medical care.

Hospital Negligence in Dutchess County

Hospital negligence occurs when surgeons, nurses, emergency room personnel, or specialists fail to provide patients with competent care. In some cases, hospitals fail to hire enough staff or properly train them, resulting in errors that cause patients to become harmed. If you have been harmed by a medical professional in a hospital, you may have the right to pursue a claim against the hospital.

Pursuing Compensation After a Medical Malpractice Injury

It can be shocking for patients to leave a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital in Dutchess County with additional injuries or a more severe medical condition, not knowing where to turn for help. Injuries caused by medical negligence can be serious enough to leave patients with paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, permanent disfigurement, nerve damage, internal organ damage, and a host of other serious medical problems. 

All of these problems can significantly impact a patient’s quality of life. Some patients may not be able to return to work. Suppose a doctor’s medical negligence has injured you. In that case, you may have the right to pursue compensation through an insurance claim against the doctor or the hospital or a medical malpractice lawsuit in civil court.

Do I Have a Valid Claim for Compensation?

When medical negligence causes a patient to suffer additional harmful conditions or for their condition to worsen, they can pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit against the at-fault party or parties. Medical professionals take an oath to act consistently with professional standards. When a medical professional fails to treat a patient like a similarly situated doctor in the same area of practice would treat a patient, they are liable for the injuries they caused the patient.

If you aren’t sure whether you’ve been harmed by a doctor, nurse, or anesthesiologist’s negligence, it’s important to contact an attorney. Michael LoGiudice, LLP Regularly works with medical experts to determine the cause of patients’ injuries and prove liability and medical malpractice cases. He can help you understand whether you have a valid claim for compensation.

Discuss Your Case with a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Syracuse, New York

If you believe that you, your loved one, or a close family member has been the victim of negligent care from a medical professional, it’s important that you reach out to an attorney. You only have a limited amount of time to pursue a claim for compensation. When you work with Michael LoGiudice, LLP, you can rest assured that he will handle every aspect of your case well as you focus on your recovery. 

The sooner you speak with an attorney, the sooner your attorney can be in gathering important evidence and pursuing the full compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact Michael LoGiudice, LLP to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation case evaluation and learn more about your legal rights.

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