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New York Slip and Fall Injury Attorney

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, over 8 million people visit emergency rooms due to fall related injuries. The National Safety Council states that a falling accident is a primary danger for people over the age of 65 due to the severity of the injuries they may sustain. Hip fractures are all to common as a slip and fall injury and cause very serious health problems. Slip and fall injuries put your health and life in danger. Attorney Michael LoGiudice fights for those injured in slip and falls to be justly compensated for the losses they have sustained and the pain they have endured.

What are Common Slip and Fall Injuries?

The type of injury you may sustain in a slip and fall largely depends on the force of impact and the way you fall. For instance, it is a natural reflex to try and brace yourself for a fall. This means tensing your muscles and twisting your body to position yourself as best as possible for impact. These kinds of movements easily lead to pulling muscles or overstretching your tendons. Additionally, we naturally try to position our body so that we fall on our backsides, the most cushioned part of our body. Unfortunately, this type of reaction can lead to fractures or bruises on your tailbone.

It is also a common reflex to try and catch yourself when you are falling. Extending your arms, hands, legs, and feet for impact makes sense to try and protect yourself from the full impact of making contact with the ground. This is why sprained or broken wrists and ankles are common slip and fall injuries. Putting almost the full weight of your body pressure on these areas of the body can cause them to snap and fracture.

Even more serious, but common, slip and fall injuries include fractured clavicles from your chest and collarbone hitting the ground or spinal cord injuries from falling on your back. If you fall on your back, the force of impact can damage nerves in the cervical spine or chip the vertebrae. This kind of damage can be incredible painful and have lasting consequences for your health and lifestyle. Also, as stated earlier, broken hips are a common and very serious injury you can sustain in a slip and fall. Your hips are especially vulnerable during a slip and fall because you can easily land directly on one or the other of your hip bones.

It is also common for people to hit their head in a slip and fall accident. Head injuries vary greatly in severity and the symptoms can be difficult to recognize. Always follow up with a medical care provider if you have hit your head. You may not be aware of the full extent of your injury and it can get much worse without the proper treatment. A slip and fall may also lead to a brain injury. Head and brain injuries can be just as scary as they sound. Make sure you seek emergency treatment and the proper follow-up care.

Helping Ensure Slip and Fall Injury Victims Receive Just Compensation

An injury from a slip and fall accident can completely alter your life. The pain and limitations that come with injuries are frustrating and will potentially cause substantial harm to your financial well-being. Contact New York slip and fall attorney Michael LoGiudice to help you get properly compensated for all that you have been through due to your slip and fall injury.

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