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How to Proceed After a Swimming Pool Slip and Fall Accident

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Pools provide fun, entertainment, and much-needed relief on hot summer days. A place to make memories with friends and family alike, pools play a prominent role in so many of our summer memories. With all of this fun, however, it is important to remember that pools are also a place where serious injury can occur when people do not exercise due to care. It is unfortunate that some people’s memories are dominated by scary and tragic pool-related accident incidences. If you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool slip and fall accident, there is likely to be a lot going on. To help you through the chaos, we are going to talk about how to proceed after a swimming pool slip and fall accident here.

How to Proceed After a Swimming Pool Slip and Fall Accident

A swimming pool slip and fall accident can be scary. One minute everyone is excited and having fun. The next minute, someone is injured. The priority in all of this is, of course, to attend to the injured party and get them the medical attention they need. Seek immediate medical assistance and make sure to comply with any follow-up treatment instructions provided by your doctors. This should all be your first priority after a slip and fall.

Documenting the slip and fall is also important. If you were at a public pool, file an incident report. If you were at a public pool or a private pool, document the accident scene. Take pictures of the hazard that led to the slip and fall. Write down what you remember from the accident. Gather witness names and contact information. All of this, as well as your medical records for accident-related treatment you receive, will be critical should you proceed in pursuing a personal injury claim seeking recovery for the damages you have sustained in the slip and fall accident.

Private swimming pool owners can be held liable in a swimming pool slip and fall accident. This would be considered a premises liability case. Premises liability cases arise where a person is harmed by a dangerous condition on the property of another. To win a premises liability case, however, the injury victim must be able to properly demonstrate that the owner was negligent in the upkeep of their property and, thus, a dangerous property condition arose. If the slip and fall accident was a result of the property owner’s negligence, they could be held legally liable for the resulting damages.

Public pool owners, just like private pool owners, can be held liable for swimming pool accident slip and fall damages. Just like private pool owners, public pool owners owe a duty of care to those that legally come onto their property. Thus, public pool owners are responsible for proper upkeep and maintenance of the pool and associated facility. Emergency safety equipment should be provided as should lifeguard supervision. The lifeguards should also be properly trained. Any hidden dangers at the facility should be disclosed to visitors with a proper warning.

Personal Injury Attorney

Pool owners owe visitors a duty to keep their property free of hazards. Failure to do so can have devastating consequences. If you have been injured in a swimming pool slip and fall accident, reach out to Attorney Michael LoGiudice for assistance. He will work tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve for the harm you have suffered. Contact us today.

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