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Good Samaritans Save Woman Trapped Under an SUV After NYC Crash

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By Michael LoGiudice
Founding Attorney

How Can We Be Good Samaritans?

A video posted on social media revealed an intense moment where several Good Samaritans saved a pedestrian trapped under a car. According to reports, a pedestrian was walking on the Lower East Side when she was hit by a black SUV at the intersection of Delancey and Norfolk Streets. Apparently, the crash caused the woman to become trapped under the car. At least a dozen people rushed to the scene and managed to tilt the vehicle to the side, saving the woman trapped beneath it. The woman was rushed to an area hospital. Video of the heroic rescue reached tens of thousands on social media and spoke to the power of others to step in and assist when another person is in trouble.

How You Can Be a Good Samaritan After a Car Accident 

Thousands of car accidents happen every day. At some point in your life, you may witness an accident. By knowing how to safely help, you can be an effective Good Samaritan. Follow these steps if you come across an accident:

    Park a safe distance from the crash: If you are driving when you witness an accident, you will want to park a safe distance from the accident.  This will keep you away from any potential danger and allow first responders to access the victim.Put on your hazards: Flick on your hazards to warn approaching drivers.  Assess the situation: Determine if there have been any possible injuries or whether hazardous conditions are posing an ongoing threat to the victims, like leaking fuel or the potential for more accidents due to the location of the vehicles.Call 911: Never assume someone else has called; call 911 right away and provide the information needed by the operator to dispatch help. Detail the location of the accident, the number of people involved, and the severity of their injuries.Assist the victims if it is safe to do so:  If you can safely approach, you can try to talk to the injured victims. Do not move them as this could worsen their injuries, but offer them comfort and assure them help is on the way.  If someone is trapped in a burning vehicle or otherwise in a dangerous situation that calls for immediate action, then you may move them to a safe location if you are able.

Any of us have the power to be a Good Samaritan, but it is important to do so with care so as not to injure ourselves or accidentally injure the victim further. Take the time to help those around you, even if it is simply by calling 911 and calming down the victim as they wait.

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Michael LoGiudice handles all personal injury and medical malpractice claims. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School (1997) and has many verdicts and settlements totaling in the tens of millions of dollars.
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