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Serious Slip and Fall Injuries you can Sustain

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Slip and falls occur to a variety of property hazards. Whether it is icy sidewalks, stairs in disrepair, or something else, property owners who fail to properly maintain and keep their property reasonably free from hazards can end up causing property visitors to sustain serious slip and fall injuries. The nature and extent of injuries sustained will, of course, depend on a number of actors including what caused the accident and how the person fell and landed, but the fact remains that slip and fall injuries of all sorts can cause a great deal of pain, not to mention lead to steep medical bills. 

Slip and Fall Injuries

First, let’s discuss one of the most common slip and fall injury types and that is the one that includes soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries happen to muscles, ligaments, and tendons as opposed to other body parts like bones and internal organs. Strains and sprains to soft tissue in the body can be very painful and lead to swelling and bruising as well as permanent tissue damage. In particular, sprains to the ligaments in the wrists and ankles are common in slip and falls. Taking an uneven step or trying to brace your fall by putting out your arm can often lead to sprained ankles or wrists. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are not only painful, but can take an extended period of time to heal.

In addition to soft tissue injuries, broken bones are also commonly sustained in slip and falls. Arms broken in bracing for the fall and hip fractures as the hip bears the brunt of the force of impact of the fall are both all too common scenarios. Additionally. Many slip and fall victims sustain broken legs and fractured ribs. Proper care is key for broken bones to heal. The healing process itself can be lengthy as the bone heals. Physical therapy may also be needed to build back muscle and strength to the area after an extended period of disuse.

Perhaps one of the most serious injuries someone can sustain in a slip and fall accident is a traumatic brain injury. There are so many misconceptions about traumatic brain injuries that make them all the more dangerous. For instance, did you know that you do not need to hit your head in order to sustain a traumatic brain injury? It’s true. A sudden jolt alone can cause such trauma. Because of people lacking this kind of information, as well as details about traumatic brain injury symptoms, many actually end up going undiagnosed. This is particularly dangerous because secondary injuries can be even more severe than the initial trauma.

Slip and fall victims can also sustain damage to the spine or surrounding nerves. Back injuries in particular are common in slip and falls. Damage to the back and neck can lead to intense pain and weakness as well as tingling and numbing. In severe cases, trauma to the spine can cause paralysis.

Personal Injury Attorney

After a slip and fall accident, get the support team you need to properly heal and recover. That means getting a team of dedicated medical professionals to help your injuries properly heal. It also means getting a trusted personal injury attorney by your side to pursue full and fair monetary compensation on your behalf. You can count on Attorney Michael LoGiudice to zealously represent you. Contact us today.

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