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When Settlement Negotiations Fall Through

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You’ve been hurt in an accident. Life is immediately turned upside down. You are in pain and struggling to make your medical appointments. Recovery can be frustrating and you may have missed work. As you worry about your financial future, all you hope for is the insurance company to come through with the monetary compensation to which you are entitled to after being hurt due to the negligence of their insured. The road to settlement, however, is often not linear and is filled with twist and turns. A quick settlement can mean accepting much less than you deserve and so the wait can not only be worth it, but it can be necessary. Sometimes, settlement negotiations do not work. The insurance company will not budge and make a reasonable offer on a claim. What next?

When Settlement Negotiations Fall Through

Getting that settlement offer may spark some hope! Talking numbers about compensation you need to cover those medical bills rolling in, among other expenses incurred due to the accident, may renew your enthusiasm to get things all settled and wrapped up so you can move on with your life. That initial offer, however, can also be demoralizing as it is often much lower than a claimant might expect or hope for. Do not despair! That initial offer is simply a starting point of the settlement negotiation process.

Throughout the process, there will likely be a series of offers and counteroffers made with the insurance adjuster tasked with handling the claim. Recorded statements or statements under oath may be requested by the insurance company to further dig into the accident and injury details. Subsequent counteroffers are likely to be higher than that initial offer. Make no mistake about it, though, the insurance company will put up a fight to pay out as little as it possibly can on your claim.

You may get frustrated at the back and forth with the insurance company. You may be in a rush to get this whole process over with. Remember, however, the importance of the matter at hand. First, the insurance company is counting on you getting frustrated and giving up. Second, you only have one shot to get your claim properly resolved. If you accept a lower than you deserve settlement offer, that’s it. Any medical bills or accident related expenses not covered by that settlement will fall to you to cover. So, this is worth waiting for and if a solid settlement offer never comes in, you may want to seriously consider taking things to the next level.

The next level is filing suit against the insurance company. Now, to put it directly, you could lose in court and not receive anything. On the other hand, however, you could recover damages far exceeding any settlement offer previously put forth by the insurance company. This means it is high time to take a good, hard, close look at the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. Have you received consistent medical treatment for your injuries? Is the liability question of who caused the accident clear? Are there any weaknesses in your claim? Talk to a dedicated personal injury attorney about these things and see if it makes sense to go ahead and bring a lawsuit.

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