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Possible Treatment for Back Injuries

One of the most common injury types resulting from car or truck accidents is a back injury. While back injuries can vary in nature and severity, they often result in pain to the accident victim. Even collisions with the smallest forces of impact can cause a person to sustain a back injury which causes them problems for years to come. After an accident, if you are experiencing back pain, be sure to seek immediate medical evaluation. There are a variety of treatment options that can help resolve back injuries at least in part as well as help reduce the pain you may be experiencing.

Possible Treatment for Back Injuries

After an auto accident, go get any potential injuries evaluated. Back injuries can be diagnosed through things like physical examination and radiographic studies like x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and bone scans. Once a diagnosis of a back injury has been made, your treatment plan will heavily rest on the type of injury you have sustained and the extent of the injury.

More serious back injuries may require surgery to do things like alleviate the pressure being placed on the actual spinal cord or the nerves surrounding the spinal cord. Surgery may involve the removal of parts of the vertebrae. Alternatively, back surgery may involve fusing vertebrae together. This usually occurs after a ruptured disc has been removed to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing together. The friction caused by this type of rubbing can cause debilitating pain and further damage to the spine and rest of the body.

There are, however, less severe back injuries that can still cause a person a notable amount of trouble. Whiplash, for instance, can be a less severe back injury, but still cause a great deal of pain. Whiplash occurs when the body is whipped back and forth rapidly and the spine is damaged as a result. Your treating physician may order a treatment plan that involves palliative care including resting, as well as icing and/or heating your injury. Rest can be essential to the healing process. Ice and heat can help reduce the amount of pain your experience. You may find you prefer one above the other.

You may also be prescribed pain medication. Even over the counter medication may be recommended. Many such pain relievers also work to reduce inflammation. Additionally, your doctor may also recommend massage therapy and physical therapy. Both can involve stretches and exercises to help you maintain flexibility. They can also help you increase your muscle strength in order to provide support to your injury area. Massage therapy can help reduce tension caused by your injury as well as stimulate circulation.

Exercise will be important to your recovery after sustaining a back injury in an accident. Even the simplest forms of exercise, like walking around the block throughout the day, will help you retain and build muscle. This, in turn, will help increase blood flow to tense muscles in your injury area.

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