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Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

We trust the care of our loved ones to nursing homes thinking they will be in caring, capable hands. There are few things more heartbreaking than when we find out that this is not the true situation. Nursing home abuse comes in many forms, both physical and emotional. Every type takes a toll on the resident and families. The parties at fault for this cruel break of trust and lack of humanity need to be held accountable for their actions. Attorney Michael LoGiudice stands up for the victims of nursing home abuse and their families. He is here to use the full force of the law to get you justice.

How Do I Know If a Loved One is Being Emotionally Abused at a Nursing Home?

Emotional abuse can be just as detrimental to a person’s well-being as physical abuse. The signs of emotional abuse, however, can be much more difficult to spot. Oftentimes, the emotional abuse will lead to outward, physical signs in the nursing home resident. Other times, the symptoms will be subtler. Here are some common signs of emotional abuse at nursing homes so you know what to look out for:

    Withdrawn behavior
    Unusual behavior
    Lack of interaction with nursing home staff
    Lack of interaction with nursing home residents
    Sudden weight loss and other signs of malnutrition
    Reluctance to speak in front of nursing home staff
    Poor personal hygiene

Emotional abuse may mean that your loved one has been ignored, secluded, and/or left alone for long periods of time. It can also mean they have faced the isolation that comes with being treated differently from other nursing home residents. The effects of this type of treatment can be completely heartbreaking. If you have any suspicions as to whether emotional abuse is going on, start investigating things right away.

Also, you might want to try speaking to the director of the nursing home facility. Any signs of them being uncooperative regarding pursuing your suspicions is a definite red flag. Contact the New York State Department of Health Nursing Home Complaint hotline to report any abuse. Additionally, get legal representation right away.

Dedicated Legal Representation for Victims of Nursing Home Abuse

If a loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse, contact New York personal injury attorney Michael LoGiudice. Following through on allegations of nursing home abuse can not only help the victim and his or her family, it can prevent other abuse cases happening to the loved ones of others. Contact Michael LoGiudice, LLP today.

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