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What Are Some Causes of Construction Site Roof and Wall Collapses?

It is, unfortunately, not uncommon for construction site workers to sustain injuries due to building and wall collapses. These types of accidents often prove to be as catastrophic as they sound. The great weight of heavy building materials collapsing onto workers can all too easily cause severe injuries to workers present. Injured construction site workers do have the ability to access workers’ compensation benefits, but this may not be enough to fully cover the extensive costs that can be associated with a serious on the job injury. Trusted New York personal injury attorney Michael LoGiudice helps injured construction workers access other possible sources of monetary recovery such as bringing third party claims against those individuals whose negligent actions may have caused the worker’s injuries.

What Are Some Causes of Construction Site Roof and Wall Collapses?

Construction sites can frequently involve renovations or demolition to older or unstable buildings and structures. This is why many roof and wall collapses occur due to:

• Rotted wood
• Age
• Poor foundations
• Badly framed walls

Collapses can also happen due to the negligence of someone else. Improper use of heavy machinery during the demolition stage can often cause roof and wall collapses leading to worker injury.

What Are the Costs of Being Injured at Work?

In October of 2017, two workers were injured in a construction accident on a site in Queens, New York. While in a recycling plant that was in the midst of renovations, a wall collapsed and debris piled onto the workers. Pursuant to a FDNY request for the agency to contact a structural stability inspection, the city Department of Buildings immediately put a partial vacate order on the building.

The two injured workers were immediately transported to a nearby hospital. One reported minor injuries. The other worker sustained a broken ankle. While wall collapse injuries can be much more serious, a broken ankle will easily lead to this worker incurring substantial financial hardship. The worker will almost certainly need to take time off of work meaning there will be a loss in wages earned. This is on top of the fact that medical bills for necessary care will quickly add up. The worker may also need continued rehabilitation and therapy after the broken bone has healed. If the injury causes other complications in motor functions, the worker may need to seek different employment which may involve a pay cut. Loss of future earning capacity is often the result of an on the job injury.

Pursuing Full and Fair Compensation for Injured Construction Workers.

In addition to being a traumatic experience, building and wall collapses on construction sites can lead to extensive and lasting injuries. The expenses related to such injuries will often not be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Contact Attorney Michael LoGiudice to make sure you are pursuing all legal avenues to recover the compensation you need to get back on your feet. Financial hardships fall quickly after a job related injury. Attorney LoGiudice is here to help you get the monetary compensation you deserve to cover these expenses.

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