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Winter Road Dangers and How to Stay Safe

winter roadway

Seasoned New Yorkers know that January is far from the end of winter. There is still plenty more potential for ice, snow, and sleet in our future. If you are from New York, you also know that the winter months can be especially treacherous when you are out on the roadways. White knuckled drives to family and friends’ houses for the holidays may even have become a tradition! With the snow and other inclement weather of winter comes reduced visibility and dangerously slippery and icy roadways. New York, whether you are a resident or visitor, stay safe this winter. Here are some tips on how to do so.

Winter Road Dangers and How to Stay Safe

One of the number one dangers in the winter months on the road is slippery or icy roadways. Black ice can be nearly impossible to see and can quickly cause a vehicle to lose traction, sliding out of control. Ice, sleet, and freezing rain can also leave the road slick. If you find yourself driving on such roads, proceed with extreme caution. Drive slower than normal and keep extra distance between yourself and the vehicles around you. Should you hydroplane or spin out due to loss of vehicle traction, refrain from slamming on the brakes or turning your vehicle away from the current trajectory of your vehicle. Instead, ease up on the accelerator to slow your vehicle and turn into the spin. This will help prevent your car from flipping. Once your car regains traction, you can slowly begin to accelerate again.

The performance of your vehicle and its safety features can be critical in the winter months. Make sure that everything is fully operational and in good working condition. This may involve replacing windshield wiper blades, checking the defoggers in your car, and making sure your snow tires are in good condition. Working lights, both headlights and brake lights are also essential. As previously stated, visibility can be easily compromised among adverse winter weather conditions and so these features can be very important to bring another driver’s awareness to your whereabouts on the road.

You should also maintain an emergency kit in your vehicle. A winter emergency kit should include things like substantial snacks, water, and thermal blankets in case you are stranded and need to wait for roadside assistance. Remember if your car stalls on the side of the road to keep the tailpipe clear if you want to run your car for the heat. Also, keep your cell phone charged at all times. Before you head out, let someone know where you are going as well as the route you will be taking. This will make it easier for them to find you should you need assistance.

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We can all do our part to keep ourselves and others safe this winter. Should you be injured in a winter accident caused by someone failing to exercise due care, do not delay in reaching out to Attorney Michael LoGiudice. Contact us today.

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