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Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Undermine Your Claim

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The cozy commercial you may have seen for multiple insurance companies perpetuate a false narrative. When it comes down to it, if you need to go to an insurance company to seek enforcement of your legal right to compensation for injuries and other losses you may have sustained in something like a car accident, you may learn the hard way that many times these companies care only about their bottom line. In fact, insurance companies will go to great lengths to try and undermine or justify denial of your claim. This is all to protect them from paying you what you are due. If you are seeking an insurance claim to compensate you for injuries and other losses, be prepared for these potential tricks insurance companies like to use to try and justify paying you nothing at all or way below what you should be receiving.

Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Undermine Your Claim

It is all too often the case that an injured party will not only require extensive and expensive medical care but will also need to miss work and incur other related expenses and financial losses. Being injured in an accident can not only be traumatic, but can also be very difficult physically, emotionally, and financially to deal with after the fact. Insurance companies are very much aware of the vulnerable position accident injury victims find themselves in. In fact, many of their deceitful tactics look to exploit it.

For instance, insurance adjusters may try contacting the injury victim right away, before he or she retains an attorney. Those without an attorney may not be aware of the full potential compensation for the claim. Additionally, an unrepresented individual may not have a clear understanding of what they are agreeing to when they accept a settlement offer from the insurance company. Insurance companies know, on the other hand, that it is common for individuals with attorneys to receive higher settlement amounts and that is why they push so hard for people to accept initial settlement offers before they have a chance to hire legal representation.

Insurance companies may also look to take advantage of the difficult financial situation many injury victims can face and try to delay the claim as much as possible. The delay is made in the hopes that financial desperation will become so strong that the injured party will accept a subpar settlement offer.

Insurance companies will also go to great lengths to find ways to undermine your claim. A common tactic is to go through a claimants social media accounts in search of evidence that they can use to devalue a claim or challenge its validity. Insurance companies will look through pictures you may have posted about activities you have been participating in since you were injured in your accident and then assert that your participation in such activities proves you were not, in fact, as hurt as you claim.

Another common tactic used by insurance companies is to go after the validity of your injury claims by asserting you lacked the treatment someone suffering from your claimed injuries would need to undergo. If you were as hurt as you claim to be, they will say, you would have undergone more treatment. Similarly, if you did not seek medical treatment right away after your accident, the insurance company will also claim that you must not have been hurt like you are claiming to be. Another common tactic is to assert that your injuries are not new, but are, in reality, preexisting conditions.

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Attorney Michael LoGiudice knows the tricks of the insurance companies and he is not falling for them. He is prepared to fight these big companies to get his clients the compensation to which they are entitled. Contact us today.

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