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Staying Safe on New York’s Winter Roads

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Those of us living in New York are likely to be aware that with the wonder of winter also comes hazards, particularly when it comes to driving. Winter roads can be treacherous, even for the most seasoned New Yorkers. With the season just starting to get into full swing, it is well worth reviewing some of the most prominent New York winter driving hazards and what you can do to stay safe out there on the roads.

Staying Safe on New York’s Winter Roads

With the ice, snow, and overall damp and cold conditions, traction for your vehicle’s tires can be in short supply. The roadways this time of the year tend to be wet and even icy. Hitting a patch of ice can leave you spinning, unable to stop or get back control over your vehicle. To help your vehicle keep traction on the road this winter, be sure you have chains or snow tires. In the event that you spin out in your vehicle, avoid turning away from the spin direction. Instead, turn into the spin and, when your vehicle starts to slow, regain control as quickly as you can.

In addition to checking your tire tread, you should also be diligent in checking your tire pressure in the cold months. Doing so can help keep you safe on the roads. Cold air reduces tire air pressure. This means that fully inflated tires will likely start to droop in the colder temperatures. Keep checking your tire pressure to make sure that they have adequate pressure in them despite the chilly air.

With the temperature drops, the snow, the sleet, and the ice, also comes dangerous low visibility for you while operating your vehicle. The ice and snow can stick to your windshield, making it difficult to clear. Be sure to check that your windshield wipers are in solid operating condition as it can help with this problem. Also be sure to check that your heater and window defroster is in full working order as well. Bad visibility can be a result of conditions both inside and outside of the car. Window fog as a result of condensation buildup inside of your vehicle can also make it nearly impossible to see.

Colder temperatures also make batteries work harder. As such, many cars end up getting stuck as the battery struggles to provide enough charge to start the engine. Carry jumper cables in your car or a portable power source that can provide a charge to your car’s battery. If you end up getting stuck somewhere this winter, you will be grateful to have prepared an emergency kit which you should keep in your car. In this emergency kit you should put things like blankets, dry clothes, flashlights, water, snacks, and flares.

Personal Injury Attorney

The roads can be dangerous under the best of convictions. Add in winter snow, ice, and frigid temperatures and people are put at great risk. If you have been injured in a car accident this winter, you can count on Attorney Michael LoGiudice to tirelessly pursue your right to be fairly compensated for the harm you have suffered. Contact us today.

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