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Common Rear-End Collision Injuries

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By Michael LoGiudice
Founding Attorney

It usually happens at a stop sign or traffic signal. The driver behind you may not have been paying attention or may have been driving too fast to slow before impact. Then, BAM. You are hit from behind. This is a rear-end collision and it is incredibly common. Unfortunately, while common, rear-end collisions can leave vehicle occupants with persistent and debilitating injuries that last for years to come.

Common Rear-End Collision Injuries

Depending on things like speed, rear-end collisions can result in a range of property damage. Due to the nature of rear-end collisions and the way the force of impact can act on vehicle occupants, however, there does not need to be a great deal of property damage for there to be serious injuries involved. Let’s review some of the more common rear-end collision injuries.

Some of the most common rear-end collision injuries by far are those that occur in the neck and back. The spinal column, in general, is particularly vulnerable to damage in rear-end collisions. Injury types can greatly vary in nature and severity. Damage to the vertebral discs is particularly common. These are the discs that provide cushion in between the bones of the spine. A disc can become herniated as a result of trauma sustained in an accident leading to not only chronic, but debilitating pain. Further damage to the discs can lead to the bones of the spinal column rubbing together and generating painful friction that can cause permanent damage to the spine itself. Those who suffer spinal injuries may experience pain, numbness, and weakness in the spine.

One of the most common rear-end spine injuries is whiplash. Whiplash is a soft-tissue issue sustained in the neck, upper back, and shoulder areas. It is the result of the head and neck being pushed forward suddenly and then snapping back quickly. This motion is commonly resulting from a rear-end collision which pushes the car in front forward with a jolt. The result can be pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness in the neck, shoulders, and arms. Those with whiplash may also experience headaches and dizziness.

Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries are also common in rear-end collisions. As the force of impact from behind pushes the car forward suddenly, vehicle occupants can rapidly and forcefully strike their head on the dashboard, steering column, or other surface in the car. This can cause serious head trauma. In fact, serious injury can be sustained even if the head does not strike a surface at all. The rapid forward and back movement of the head can cause the brain to slam into the skull causing a traumatic brain injury.

Bone fractures are also common in rear-end collisions and can occur in a number of different ways as the result of this type of accident. Rib fractures may be sustained when the seat belt restrains a vehicle occupant or when the airbags are deployed. Hand, wrist, and arm fractures can also occur. These areas are particularly vulnerable as people often use their arms to brace themselves for impact. Soft-tissue injuries in the hands, wrists, and arms are also common for the same reason.

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Suffering injuries in a rear-end collision can leave you not just in debilitating pain, but it can also leave you with a mountain of medical expenses and far-reaching impacts on your everyday life. Talk to Michael LoGiudice about collecting monetary compensation for the harm you have suffered due to the negligent driving of someone else. Contact us today.

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