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Surge of NYC Bike Accidents Highlights Dangers Facing Bikers

Michael LoGiudice, LLP explains why there is a surge of bike accidents in New York City.

Why are more bike accidents occurring in New York City?

In the span of just one New York summer afternoon, three bike accidents occurred within the city.  One biker was hit by a car while attempting to make a turn on the Upper East Side. Another biker ended up under a fire truck in Prospect Heights, while the third was struck by an MTA bus near Central Park South.  Fortunately, in each of these cases, the cyclists survived with minor injuries. However, many other cyclists are not so lucky. Our NYC personal injury attorneys explore the rise in bike accidents within New York City and why cyclists may be more at risk today below.

NYC Cyclist Deaths Double

Halfway through the year, New York has experienced almost twice as many cyclist fatalities as it did the entire year last year. Many more injuries have also occurred. If the rate of deaths continues, it is likely that at least 30 cyclists will die by the end of the year. This is three times the number of cyclists that died in New York last year. The big question troubling citizens and city officials is why exactly the rate of bicyclist deaths and injuries appears to be on the rise.  

There have been several proposed reasons for the rise in cyclist deaths. The first is the sheer increase in the number of cyclists. In recent years, bicycling has become an increasingly popular form of transportation. Particularly in and around New York City, where traveling by car has become difficult given the traffic and parking shortage, bikes are quite popular.  Further, companies like Citi Bike now offer rental bikes that make for easy cycling. They report sales are up significantly this year.

Another potential explanation is the lack of city-wide bike lanes. While New York City has over 1,200 miles of bike lanes, this represents just 20 percent of streets, and protected lanes with cyclist barriers are far rarer.  Even further, bike lanes often become parking spots for desperate drivers. As such, bicyclists are typically forced to navigate the streets in and around cars.  With so much congestion, coupled with distracted and frustrated drivers, bicyclists are at serious risk of injury. Anyone who has been injured in a biking accident should contact our NYC bike accident attorneys at Michael LoGiudice, LLP as soon as possible.  Our firm will evaluate your potential bike accident case and assist you in determining the next step. 

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